Edublogs: Safe Space for Student Blogging

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Edublogs: Safe Space for Student Blogging

So many teachers have already learned that for students to really find their voice, they first need an audience. Blogging can provide this authentic writing experience, but it can be tricky to find the right platform that balances ease of use with protecting privacy.

Edublogs is gracefully poised between those two points, and they want to make it even easier for five lucky EdCampers next Saturday. Edublogs has donated 5 Pro Subscriptions for our raffle! If you’re already using Edublogs and love it, then this could be your chance to step it up.┬áIn addition to your customizable posts and pages that are “Ad Free and Student Safe”, you’ll also get:

  • Moderation Controls
  • Private Site Option
  • 140+ Premium Themes
  • Video and HTML Embeds
  • Mobile Blogging

  • Complete Visitor Statistics
  • Student Management
  • Personal Email Support
  • Plugins
  • Your Own Domain

If this sounds like something you might want to try, remember to register, and be there!