Not a Tweeter? No worries, Sanderling’s got you covered.

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One of my favorite things about EdCamps is following along through Twitter. In fact, the very first time I even heard the word was from Jamie Gravell on Twitter as she attended EdCampNYC. I started following the hashtag and quickly learned which rooms were hopping and which I could do without.

But many are not on Twitter, and I have asked if they’ll be missing out on the EdCamp fun unless they start Tweet’n. As a Twitter evangelist, I wasn’t sure how to answer this. Of course I think all educators should be connected in some way, but the public nature of Twitter really isn’t for everyone.


Enter Sanderling. Accessed either through the app or website, Sanderling allows non-Twitters to join in on the fun and get connected with all the fabulous educators you’re sure to meet. I’ll be honest–I’m still not entirely clear on how it work. It’s just that new! But my understanding is that it’s like a scavenger hunt meets digital-archiving scrapbook. I hear it’s easy to use and really exciting when it starts aggregating pictures and quotes from attendees in other rooms. This video helped me understand it a bit better:

I can’t wait to use it myself. Only 2 more months to go!