Edutopia to Sponsor Again!

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Edutopia to Sponsor Again!

Seriously, who doesn’t love Edutopia?

For so many of us, Edutopia greets us with our morning coffee, or keeps one hand scrolling and clicking while the other finishes a sandwich at lunch. It inspires and motivates, and offers creative solutions and exciting project ideas.

Some of us may even have found our own thoughts or experiences featured on the blog. Wakefield High School‘s Heritage week was featured in Black/White/Other: Helping Multiracial Kids Find Their Way. And our very own edcampARLINGTON organizer Tim Stahmer is also mentioned inspiring Will Richardson to write The “New” Normal, which really gets us thinking about where we’ve been in education, and where we want to go.

It is for these and so many other reasons that we are thrilled to announce that Edutopia will again be sponsoring us with some great giveaways at this year’s raffle. Thanks so much, Edutopia. And remember, you’ve got to play to win!