Atomic Learning Hooking it up with Tee Shirts

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Atomic Learning Hooking it up with Tee Shirts

Okay, yes. A tee shirt isn’t as exciting as a Chromebook. But you really can’t rock a Chromebook at the park on a sunny day. Can’t see the screen. You know what you can see? Your fancy new Atomic Learning tee shirt.

Atomic Learning

That’s right. If you come to edcampARLINGTON on March 21st, you could win your very own one-size-fits-most tee shirt from your favorite “trusted training solutions provider”. Atomic Learning supports the classroom in so many ways, including:

Whether you are integrating technology into your own classroom or supporting teachers in doing the same, Atomic Learning has got your back.


They’ve literally got your back covered.

Tee shirts, people! It’s a whole…thing… Look, nevermind. Atomic Learning is pretty awesome and we’re so excited that they are sponsoring us this year. Check them out if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what they do. Stop by edcampARLINGTON, maybe win a tee shirt, and tell the world that you too find Atomic Learning to be “moving education forward”.