Alchemy Learning Donating a Chromebook

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Alchemy Learning Donating a Chromebook

Once again, Alchemy Learning will be donating a Chromebook for our raffle! Last year they were the hit of the party, but the unique digital platform is now even better than ever.


Alchemy Learning is building out their existing platform, expanding its use to museums and non-traditional schools like Outward Bound Chesapeake. Starting to look more like an LMS, this digital learning tool helps flip classrooms and monitor student learning in a multi-media environment.

“Our goal is to be the company that makes interactive digital content easier and better than anyone else. -Henry Blue

And they are well on their way to meeting that goal. Here are just a few of the features that make Alchemy Learning so awesome:

  • Fully responsive–works seamlessly on any mobile device
  • Student-facing viewer allows students to own their learning
  • More interactive features like hotspots, magnifiers, and graphic organizers

Customize It

Alchemy Learning has expanded upon their free flipped-classroom tool, SmartBinder Flip, to create SmartBinder Reach, which allows organizations to establish their own customized virtual academy in minutes.

SmartBinder Reach gives organizations the ability to create:

  • Dynamic digital content authoring tools to create engaging, interactive lessons.
  • Easy-to-build assessments and surveys to collect better data on mastery and impact.
  • Flexible course access settings to deliver content directly to intended teachers or students.

Building Partnerships

The Maryland Historical Society is using SmartBinder Reach to launch their “Historical Investigations Portal” for use by Maryland counties.

Outward Bound-Chesapeake is creating a Leadership Academy Portal to deliver to schools and districts implementing peer leadership programs.

The Maryland Zoo is setting-up a virtual academy for their thousands of volunteers to provide them a badge-based digital curriculum to advance through.

The Society of the Cincinnati (D.C.) is provides teachers and students access to the work created in their annual Masters Teachers Seminar via SmartBinder Reach.

Irvine Nature Center is digitizing pre-and-post onsite aspects of their Upstream-Downstream curriculum for delivery to visiting schools.

The Walters Art Museum is hosting a teacher lesson-a-thon, Culture Crunch, in which teachers will build and publish their created lessons via a SmartBinder Reach portal.